Things Worth Knowing

So that the move to our facility goes smooth as possible, you can find some extra information here on this paged.  This information might help facilitate the admission process for all those involved.

Things Worth Knowing

A little explanation

Private Pay

Chimney Rock Villa accepts private payments for all rooms and services.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Chimney Rock Villa accepts payment from long-term care insurance providers.  Our bookkeeper would be happy to help you with the appropriate paperwork.



Medicare Part A (skilled care)  will pay for room and board, if the criteria set by Medicare are met.  A 3 day hospital stay and the need for skilled care are required.  Chimney Rock Villa will bill Medicare A and your supplemental insurance.


Medicare Part B will pay for therapy services provided by our qualified threapists. Chimney Rock Villa will bill Medicare B and your supplemental insurance.



Chimney Rock Villa accepts Medicaid payments.  Medicaid will only pay for a semi-private room.  Check with your local Department of Health and Human Services office for an application or call our Social Services Director at 308-586-1142 for assistance.